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School Speech Therapy vs. Private Speech Therapy

School Speech Therapy vs. Private Speech Therapy

Ten Quick Facts about School Speech Therapy vs. Private Speech Therapy

1. School-based speech therapy is an educational model in which your child must meet an eligibility requirement.

2. The eligibility requirement must show that your child clearly demonstrates an educational need for services.

3. In the schools, speech therapy is conducted in a group setting, which may be beneficial for your child. However, your child may receive a limited amount of direct speech therapy time depending upon the school’s speech therapy caseload.

4. In the school setting your child may be seen by a speech therapy assistant, who is supervised by a licensed speech therapist.

5. In a private speech therapy setting, therapy sessions are one to one with a licensed speech therapist.

6. Parents or primary caregivers are present and involved in the private therapy sessions. This is not the case with the school-based speech therapy sessions. This is important because the parents or caregivers learn how to do the home program for greater carry over into their child’s daily routines.

7. Private speech therapy is focused on what your child needs and can supplement the services your child is receiving in the school.

8. Private speech therapists can address all areas of need and not just the area that your child demonstrated the eligibility requirements for a school speech therapy program.

9. Your private speech therapist will work together with your child’s school speech therapist to optimize your child’s goals and time spent in therapy.

10. School versus private, in the end a blend may be what is in the best interest of your child.

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