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New Year, New Goals for my Private Practice


New Year, New Goals for my Private Practice.


Happy 2018!

I am taking a moment away from the chaos of life to write about my goals for my private practice. I spent the latter part of 2017 planning and organizing the start-up of my business. Discussing location, costs, marketing, website, short term and long term business goals and the list goes on. I spent time deciding the location, viewing office space, and meeting with other professionals to determine the pros and cons of office sharing versus completely independent; internet presence through blogs, facebook, Instagram…logos and web banners….pamphlets or rack cards….rounded business cards or standard square business cards….email letter of introduction or drop off marketing materials in person or combination of both….my head was swimming with decisions that needed to be made and my type A personality felt they needed to be perfect from the start. No room for errors. In the process, I realized that there is no such thing as a perfect private practice and running a private practice is dynamic; ever-changing. So, my first goal is to take a moment to enjoy the fact that I made the first step and started a private practice. My second goal is to join our local professional networking groups that are in my area of town. My third goal is to continue to learn how to market to my referral base (read more on that in upcoming blogs). What are your professional goals?

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