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Marketing to Doctors

Marketing to Doctors

Starting out in private practice, I was unsure of how to market myself to physician groups that I wanted to refer to my practice. My caseload, up to that point, was handed to me through early intervention services or as hospital admissions. Suddenly, I found myself required to market my services and promote my private practice. This was and still is a daunting task for me. It left me wondering what was and is the best use of time, energy, and resources. The balance between feeling like you are pestering the physicians and having a presence in their practice.  I became overwhelmed with well-meaning advice coupled with feelings of inadequacy. I felt ill-equipped to market myself and better yet market my services. So, here’s what I’ve learned on how to market to doctors.

First, drop off your information (business cards, very brief introduction card/letter, and rack cards/pamphlets) in person. Ask for the office/business/practice manager name and number. SMILE.

Second, give it at least 2 weeks, if you haven’t heard anything circle back around. Take in a few more business cards and a small treat. Let them know you’re in the area and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your services. SMILE.

Third, once you have the office manager’s name and number or email send them a brief message of introduction and bullet your services, yes again. Physicians and practice managers do not have time to read lengthy information. They want to know three things are you a quality person, do you provide quality services and what specifically are your skills and training to benefit their patients.

And lastly, once you start getting referrals—thank them.

Happy marketing! And best of luck—I believe in you!


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